Confectionery Exporters to Canada | BakeMate

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Confectionery Exporters to Canada | BakeMate

BakeMate is the leading Indian Food Manufacturer and Exporter of Savories and Confectioneries such as biscuits, chocolates and everything in between. With manufacturing facilities established in Hyderabad, use of sophisticated automated machinery & equipment and stringent adherence to quality, BakeMate has entered the global market as a trustworthy contender to big brands by producing the finest products that stand for quality, nutrition and superior taste.
Apart from being successful in heading to the top list in Biscuit Manufacturing, Chocolate Manufacturing and Confectionery Manufacturing Industry in India; BakeMate is successfully entering into the International Market as bulk suppliers & exporters of Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolates, Wafer Biscuits and Confectionery to many Countries such as USA, Philippines, Liberia, Angola, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico, Congo, South Africa & Canada.
BakeMate overcame the challenges and stood ahead in the competition to be the leading biscuit manufacturer in India for over a decade. In addition, Bakemate has extended its business into the Canada market as Confectionery Exporters to Canada, Confectionery Suppliers in Canada, Wholesale Biscuit Suppliers to Canada, Wholesale Biscuit Manufacturers & Exporters to Canada. With a huge demand for Indian exports in the overseas market due to the affordability, quality, demand and a wide range of choice; Bakemate’s Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolates, Wafer Biscuits & Confectionery are trending in the market due to its successful mark as Wholesale Biscuit Suppliers, Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers, Wholesale Confectionery Suppliers in Canada.
Our Products
With a wide range of products to choose from, you can check online to purchase all the tempting and delicious goodies like Biscuits, Chocolates, Wafer Biscuits, Candies, Shortbreads, Cookies from BakeMate. To continue to benefit from the products, check for our Product range and the availability of the products at your location.
• World class automated equipment, some sourced from within the country and some imported to manufacture products equivalent to European and American standards.
• Long-standing state-of-the-art modern manufacturing facility and technology.
• Sophisticated packaging to ensure taste and freshness of the products.
• Specifications in biscuits ranging from shortbreads to chocolates to wafers to hard-boiled confectioneries.
• Efforts in place to meet the steady increase in demand of the domestic and international confectionery manufacturer market.
• Premium software employed for business applications, financial management, supply chain management, production planning, etc.
• 314000 MTPA of installed capacity to date set up in ten different facilities in Hyderabad.
• Quality is of the utmost importance; hence care is taken to manufacture products under the most hygienic conditions.
• Stringent international hygiene, health and safety standards followed throughout the supply chain.
• Leading manufacturer of quality products that adhere to the standards of ISO22000, Halal, Kosher, BRC, FSSAI certified and FDA registered fall under the branded biscuit category.
• Starting from raw material procurement to production of biscuits, immense caution is exercised in terms of QC.
• All our facilities are adherent to Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)
• Periodic checks for Heavy Metals, Aflatoxins and Residual pesticides are conducted to ensure production of consumable goods free of contamination from toxins.