Enjoy Mauritius in your vacations with Virgin flights

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Enjoy Mauritius in your vacations with Virgin flights

Services of Virgin flights
Virgin Atlantic Airlines provides all types of packages to its respected customers. Virgin flights serve you best with their excellent holiday packages that are easily approachable with your selected budget.
Virgin Atlantic lets you stay stick to the budget while buying a ticket, reserving hotels, and in hiring the cars along with the parking services, so don’t worry and Enjoy Mauritius in your vacations with Virgin flights.
Mauritius is abundant in the Islands nation of Southeast Africa and located in the southern Indian Ocean. Mauritius is famous for having Marine Biodiversity, for example, Coral Reefs, Fish, Algae, Marine Mammals, Sea turtles, and Shoreline birds. Breathtaking beaches and waterfalls are the centers of attention to tourists in Mauritius.
Tourist attractions in Mauritius
Port Louis
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and owns the largest port of the country. Port Louis is surrounded by the Moka Mountain Range, which spells bounds the tourist with its magical and beautiful natural scenery. Caudan waterfront, Port Louis bazaar Chinatown of Mauritia, and old Port Louis theatre are the most visited and charming attractions. It possesses many historical buildings and famous museums like The Blue Penny Museum and Mauritius stamp museum.
Mauritius Botanical Garden
Mauritius botanical garden is one of the most significant attractions of Mauritius. It is also named as Pamplemousses Garden and SSR Garden and resides near the Port Louis. This garden is well known for being the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere and is a must-visit place for giant water lilies and varieties of palms.
Black river gorges national park
Black river gorges national park is famous for rains forests, waterfalls, and wildlife protection. This national park has some native plants and animals, for instance, Mauritius flying fox, Mauritius Kestrel, Pink Pigeon, Cuckoo-shrike, and Mauritius bulbul. Also, Attracts the hikers and trekkers with its 50 km of hiking trails.
Grand basin
The Grand Basin is the Holy lake of Hinduism. Near the lake, stands the highest statue of Mauritius, called the statue of Mangal Mahadev.
Grand Bay
Grand bay is a popular destination among tourists that hosts its visitors with sailing, windsurfing, swimming, and water skiing.
Tourist take an interest in visiting the famous waterfalls of Mauritius that include Alexandra waterfalls, Tamarind waterfalls, Exit waterfalls, Chamarel waterfalls, and Rochester waterfalls
Whenever you visit Mauritius, make sure to visit all these beautiful attractions, and Enjoy Mauritius in your vacations with Virgin flights.