Expert Shingle Roof, Flat Roof and Siding Contractors | Roof Contractors in Toronto

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Expert Shingle Roof, Flat Roof and Siding Contractors | Roof Contractors in Toronto

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement
Just noticed a broken roof shingle? Wondering if there is still time to call the best shingle roof, flat roof and siding contractors to replace your roof? Don’t waste any more time and make that call right away. Your roof is trying to tell you something and it is best not to ignore the warning signs. Here are some tell-tale signs that clearly indicate your roof needs replacement.
A Leaking Roof
Ignoring a water spot or leaking roof can lead to a lot of trouble. Minor cracks eventually result in bigger damage including mould and rotting. You need expert help in inspecting chimneys, roof shingles and skylight windows. Also, do take a look in the attic especially after a storm or wind-driven rain.
Curling Shingles
Roof shingles can curl due to wear and tear and the extremities of weather. Curling of shingles happens in two ways – cupping and clawing. When the edges of shingles start turning upwards, it is cupping. When the edges stay flat but the middle starts coming up, it is known as clawing. Either way, curling shingles are warning signs that you need to act quickly and replace the worn-out shingles with new ones.
Missing Shingles
A lot of homeowners believe missing shingles are not a big thing. They simply patch up the roof with spare shingles. However, soon the roof ends up looking like a checkerboard, that too of varied colours sometimes. Your home is now a landmark of sorts. Don’t go overboard with replacing missing shingles ever so often.
Get in touch with Alpha Roofing to discuss the best shingle roof, flat roof and siding replacement options with our professional contractors.
Your Roof is Aging
If you are not able to tell when you last replaced your roof, it is time you start thinking about getting a new roof. An aging roof can throw up a lot of problems. Getting expert advice on the roof’s condition regularly will help in averting mishaps.
Granules in the Gutter
When you notice granules in the gutters, it simply means either the shingles or the entire roof needs replacing. These granules protect the shingles from the harsh rays of the sun. When this shield is gone, your roof shingles curl up easily and break in no time.
Call Our Expert Shingle Roof, Flat Roof and Siding Contractors
Looking for the best shingle roof services? At Alpha Roofing, we take pride in being the best flat roof and siding contractors this side of the town. Call us for a discussion on your roof replacement and our team will be there to inspect your roof within no time.