Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy Services at RBH Health in Ottawa

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Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy Services at RBH Health in Ottawa

At RBH Heath physiotherapy and rehabilitation center Ottawa we combine massage therapy with physiotherapy rehabilitation services to help you manage pain and recovery from injury and disabilities.
Our Process not only includes complete diagnosis with details assessment of each client but we also provide professional therapeutic care and a customized exercise plan.
Our Registered Massage therapists uses hands-on therapeutic techniques to manipulate soft tissues in the body like muscles, joints, connective tissues. Benefits of massage therapy includes general tissue health, alleviates chronic muscle and joint pains, accelerates repair of damaged tissue, helps reduce stiffness, improves sleep quality, posture and flexibility of soft tissue.
At RBH HealthCare, we have qualified Physiotherapists, not just in Ottawa but also in Canada. With the best physiotherapists in Ottawa, we ensure professional and quality care. From sports therapy to concussion rehab or acupuncture services, our Physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa treats all sorts of related problems.
We do our best to get you back to your high level of activity in a minimal amount of time.
We work with you to achieve your goal of living everyday without physical limitations or pain. The Physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa works one-on-one with each person to restore your quality of life.