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SEO Specialist

Have a vast experience in SEO. Analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines
Website analysis–It is critical to the success of any SEO marketing campaign that the target company website conform to the latest standards for search engine optimization. Keywords, backlinks, formatting and content are but a few of the important areas that a SEO specialist consider as he analyzes, redesigns and rebuilds a website.
Keyword optimization–Researching keywords and organically introducing them into a website is essential to a SEO optimized page.
Content generation–The keywords are important, but the textual, informational, and graphical content that constitute the page must also be produced by the SEO specialist.
Search engine parameters–This may be the most important job of a SEO specialist. Maintaining an updated understanding of what the major search engines, and especially Google, are using as criteria for SERP informs all of the design choices a SEO specialist makes.
Information technology skills–A skilled SEO specialist should possess a strong background in HTML, CSS, a number of programming languages and familiarity with a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms.
Client management–The SEO specialist must maintain a working knowledge of his employer’s or client’s objectives. Any optimized site must, first of all, conform to the business strategy of the site owner.
Analytical processing–The ability to analyze problems, find appropriate resources and develop solutions goes to the heart of the SEO specialist position.