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Rental HD LED Video Wall Display Screen for Shows and Events

Posted 1Yrs 11M 4D 19hrs 16mins ago 277 Views Business
1.Professional use for indoor and outdoor various events. 2. Exquisite design with die-casting aluminum, slim, thickness only 65 mm, super lightweight 6.5 kg for unit cabinet of 500x500mm, fast lock,
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UHD LED Video Display Wall for TV Stadion and Meeting Rooms from Leading Factory Huaxia

Posted 1Yrs 11M 4D 19hrs 16mins ago 173 Views Business
Ultra HD LED Video Wall Displays for TV studio and meeting rooms. UHD Image Quality 4K/8K. High Refresh Rate 3840 HZ .Close Viewing Distance 1 meter. Black color surface, excellent contrast ratio, UHD
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Architectural Flexible LED Curtain Display,LED Mesh, Transparent LED Display,LED Media Facade Displays

Posted 1Yrs 11M 4D 19hrs 16mins ago 327 Views Business
LED media facades displays enhance structural designs into visual landmarks with colorful animations and effects. Freeform LED media facade elements release you from the limitations of traditional vid
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UHD LED Video Wall Display Screen For TV Studio and Conference Rooms

Posted 1Yrs 11M 4D 19hrs 16mins ago 235 Views Electronics
Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions. The SMD (3-in-1) LED package provides wider viewing angles and extremely close viewing distances. Bl
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